Thursday, September 15, 2011

British or Suthern

Man, I dune herd today two xpressions I thawt wer suthern.

The ole weather man said, "in your neck of the woods," this mornin' when givn us the wethur.

Then, later on an ole woman said she wuz "tickled pink," about a valuable selling.

I guess suthern is influenced by British

Sunday, May 31, 2009

pretty as you please

Ev'mb in a forayn kuntry, folks do some funny thangs. Like the uttr day, someone ran a redlight, just as pretty as you please.

Pretty as you please- in a certain manner not focused on the consequence or in a carefree manner.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Big wheel

I'd thawt I'd make my onest a yer post. Des dab nab French toad frogs has nearly made me furgit my own lingo.

But da utter day I rembered sumtin'. It's all da big wheels we iz got. Des r kinda like the bosses, the chiefs we'll say.

Der iz allwayz more chiefs than Injuns. Dat means everyone wants to be the boss, the big wheel, instead of be'n told what ta do. It caw zis problems. I'll tell ya.

I say let's let the big wheels run the show. We might thank we iz big wheels, but we ain't really.

All Right. Until next yer

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I am going to go eat me a bite

Yeah, I no, it sa ben a purty long time since Iz gotten back o'er cher.

But whan youiz talkin' a foreign tongue you sumetimes hav to stop talkin' yur naturul tongue for a bit. But e'er nowandin sumptin cumes up and it reminds ya of yur home tongue.

Recently, I learnt that folks here sumtimes say they is gonna go do sumething o'r udder. Shucks, I felt right at home. I always use to sayin' Iz gonna go do sumething. Iz even sumetimes say Iz fixin to go do sumething.

Right now I thank I'm gonna go eat me a bite. If you iz suthern, yur day revolves around wurk and food. So it's abut that time.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Seen its better days

Hadn't had much oportunitee to speek my native languge har.

Been havin' to learn sum ole Franch. But I have notised sum Suthern in the Franch language.

Well jist d' utter day I came across sumtin I had not heerd in many moons.

In Franch dey say: "Le manteau a connu des jours meilleurs"= literaly= "The coat has known better days,"="The coat is worn out."

Very similar, I'd say "that thar coat has seen its better days, we'd better git rid of it and get us a new one."

Monday, May 22, 2006


From across the water...
I've decided to speek a little suthern today. Man, Iz really otta pratis. Bein over her and all, yu dont get to har much suthern, unless it is suthern franch.

anywho, I figure they'd can talk like they want too. I'll let 'em talk in whatever way they feel dey need to. You know whatever floats their boat, whatever cranks their tractor, just whatever.

Y'all got any "whatever" thangs to say? Whatever they is, yu iz always under stood cher.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Sick as a Dog...

When was the last time you were really sick?

My wife is sick right now, but the dog seems fine.

So right now, she is sicker'n a dog. (That partic'lar dog, anyway...)

I have heard that expression all my life, but I don't really understand it. "Sick as a dog."

Most dogs that I have ever had any dealings with could eat a dead rotten possum, and not get sick, while I'm scared to drink the out-of-date Orange Juice in the fridge, cause I don't want to get "sick as a dog".

What about you?

You ever been sick as a dog?

How was your dog doin'?