Tuesday, October 25, 2005

New Blood (Sorta...)

Y'all already know me...Well, summaya do, anyhow.

Pechur'za gittin' reddy t'fly th'coop, so ta speak, so while he's gone, I'ma gonna hepp'im out on this here blog thingy.

My credentials are that I grew up in North Carolina, the mount'ns when I'uz a young'un, an' the eastern part when I'uz a teen-ager, an' now I live in Florida, an' that's 'bout southern as y'kin git.

I done drove a big truck all over these here United States, so I'z 'bout done hear'd ever kinda accent there is, and accents and colloquial expressions are one of my fav'rite subjects.

I consider Pecheur's invitation to be a great honor, and I will do my best to continue in the spirit with which he started this blog.

I don't know if he'z invited anybody else, but I know uv'a person'r two what cud' be good'un's ta'hepp out.

Anyways, I hope ever'body likes my contributions here.

I'z glad t'be here!!


Sunday, October 23, 2005

Ain't leavin' just on a hiatus

Ya'll this has been fun.

But Iz gonna have to hang up our talk for a spell. You see iz about to be "transferred" to a place far far away where they don;t speek suthern like we do. So, I'll have to learnt their talk and speak their lingo. But don't forgit once a suthern speaker always a southern speaker.

Now I ain't takin' the site down. It'll be up for all to see. But I am lookin' for some ofuzuns to become team members wif me. I'll still be the administrator but I can't keep talking suthern where I'll be. So if u wuld like to be a part of keeping suthern speek goin (and some ofuzuns have rally got some stuff to say), let me know. I wuld ask that u post suthern speak, try to keep the cussin' down (this is meant to be a family friendly blog), and be nice to everyone who comes, even if they think we are makin' fun of Southerns (which we ain't cuz we are ones). But being suthern means being hospitable and nice to company.

I sure will miss home and I myself wuld love to come by and and "hear" from home.

I've made a ton o xpressions that I never got round to postin'. I'll just list a few. It's been fun ya'll and I do apologize for not updating more often.

yont to= express wish
tricity= electricity
amblance= truck that takes hurt folks to hospital
to have a hissy with a crocheted tail
it takes a poor dog who want wag his own tail
to wet to plow= too bad, too late, sorry
goose cooked

Poisin' cotton

I wuz reminded the utter day bout cottin pick times.

My kin folks worked real hard in them ole cotton fields growin up. And it's right about the time to work wif the cotton har in thu south.

Iz at a friend's and I spelt that ole stuff they put on cotton to kill the leaves.

Now that's OK, but it ain't necessarily posin' cotton. That's when you spray ya cotton to get rid of the boil weevils.

Man them fields are still white even after the cottin pickers have done their deed.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Been way out a town

Man I went a visted sum kin folks in Mississippi. Whew doggy, what a time we had. Eye jest wish I'd had a racorder to racord all thoz sayins.

I helpt put a roof (not ruf) on my ol'e granny's house. I'll tell you sumptin. A man needs a lot a grit in his craw to uhcomplish that job. Man like to wore me out. Iz Ok now though but for a day or two I surely did not know.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

An exploding duck

Herd this one the utter day after a fine meal.

"Im az full az uh eksploding duck."

Now friends that's full. And how can you not be wif all that good Suthern cookin'

Friday, October 07, 2005

Thar she blows the good ole stars an bars

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Flag Ordel

The other day we wuz comin' home from B'ham and bout near Montogumahrie a big ole confederate flag wuz flying high on a makeshift hill put thar by the sons of the confederacy. I took a picture. Been decidin' if I should ppost (that a stutter) it. Wuld you like to see it

You know the way I look at it's a heritage NOT HATE. Iz aginst racism but proud to be a suthern!!