Monday, July 11, 2005

An incenitive

Got a little bit of motivation t'day from ole ER. Dat ole boy cracks me up, but heck he's helpin' me out with some verbage. So i'd best give him some credit for this har entry that I am bout to post drectly. Now "drectly" has to do with how fast sumptin's gonna git done. And if it's real fast I'll get to it right drectly.

Of course da word can be used to indicate a compass direction. Like, I'd go drectly to the store but I gotta go by ole man Smith's place ferst and pick up an ole tractor blade. That dad burn grass has gotten so durn high I need a darn bush hog to cut it. But I'll get to the store drectly, it may just take a minute or two.

(did ya'll notice our counters are back up?) Man, that's some more insipiration to git thangs goin.=)

Thanks ER. I need a kick in the pants every wunce in awhile.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

WamP(F)us cat

So I am wondering how do ya'll pronounce this word. I've always heard it was womfus cat. But folks around here call it wampus cat. Today I even heard that something is all wampus meaning cattywanked.

Maybe I should ask my neighbor she has a ton of womfus cats running around.

WomF(P)us cat: a stray (or alley) or wild cat usually pretty mean unless tamed at an early age. However after googling the term wampus cat (thanks to ER for bringing this to my attention), here's what I've found: Legend of, Wikipedia, and some football team's mascot

Now the last one, a football team's mascot is the context I heard wampus cat here in Texas. But I've heard it used for an ole mean stray cat back home, and with a slight difference in pronunciation, e.g. womfus cat. There has to be a strong connection between the Applachian mythical creature and the womfus cat. Strange how it has slightly evolved.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Coon Hunters Assn.