Sunday, November 20, 2005

My, What A Gomb...

I just returned from NC where I participated in a weddin'.

While I was there, my sister reminded me of a real, honest to goodness southern expression.

"We shore Gombed that up right..."

The other two musicians and I who performed at the weddin' were of the general opinion that we gombed up the music pretty good. (Ever-body said we done good, but we knowed we cudda done better...)

To "Gomb" something up means to generally make a mess of it.

You can also "Make a Gomb out of it" or "cause a Gomb" or even "Get Gomb all over something."

Have you ever hear'd of this'n?

Do ya know uv a 'nuther ex-preshun like it?

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Izat rally suthern?

Toeday tha speaker said he had an expression found only in da South. Iz herd it and all but Iz wandering if it is just the south.

Hez describin' a sit chu ayshun when someone duz sumptin really stupid. We say, "All man hez just ignerint."
Duz ehni one else say dat? "Boy, u iz just ignerint."
I have herd dis one also. "When da good Lord was givin' out brains, you thought they said rain and runned under the house." Whatchall call it when sum one duz sumptin stupid?