Monday, February 28, 2005

Down the cuntry

The other day I watchin' a good ole basketball game. And you know how them thar referees are. They are crooked. They was calling fouls and jest not lettin' 'em boyz play ball like they shuld. Well, anyway I got taired of it and I mean I started givin nem refs down the the country. Now it didn't do no good cause they can't hear me, but it shore felt good.

to give someone down the country v: to agrue with someone, or lecture them on their wrongdoings.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Wishing bad thangs on people

You know in the South, people are sometimes supersticious. My grandma used to put her shoes under the bed to prevent leg cramps. I've seen many a folk throw salt over their shoulder. And dont chu ever break a mirra 'cuz that a'll be 7 yers of bad luck. Along with these supersticions are things you wish for on people who dun ya wrong. My favorite is this one when someone does something to you on the highway.

I hope you get a wart on your nose and gits bigger every time the wheel turns 'round. I guess that woud be pretty big wart after a while.

Anyway, ya'll be nice out thar. Try to say a little blessin' for those idiots out on the highway. They don't know any better I guess. Of course, I myself am always a perfect little driver never doing anybody any harm. Ha.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Swearing in Southern

There are many a comment I could make here about cussin' in Southern. But many Southernerns (especially the ladies) use euphemisms to swear. Here are a couple of examples.

"Well, I'll a swaney" for "Well, I swear" The term is often used to indicate disbelief or surprise. For example, let's say someone tells a tale about someone. The person may say, "Well, Ill a swaney." There is a dear elderly lady who used to say this all the time. For years I had no idea what Granny Frances was saying. (BTW we call people our Granny and Granpa or Aunt and Uncle who we are real close to even though they are not actually bloodkin. I guess that's where them Yankees think we got incest goin on or sumpten. What's wrong with 'em folks up thar?) But recently I learned what it was.

Another phrase that is almost the same in meaning is "Well, I'll be dog." It stands for "Well, I'll be dam*" (Notice I did not say the word I used an asterick for the last letter. hahaha). Again, used for surprise or disbelief.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Been out of pocket for awhile

Thanks to all y'all who've stopped by lately. I've been outa pocket here recently. Just every day ole thangs.

I hope to get some more of them phrases up and going soon.

Monday, February 14, 2005

How bad do you really need that?

I've heard all my life a statement about the lack of need of an object.

"You need that as much as a chipmunk needs side pockets!" So, I assume a chipmunk doesn't need any more space to put things. I guess he has enough in his cheecks. Nevertheless, the next time you want something. Ask yourself if you need it as much as chipmunk needs side pockets? Why don't cha.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Just passed away in the night

The way some people talk in the South softens up the force of the event. It is sort of "proper" to say things euphemistically rather than bluntly. For example. Arthur Miller died last night. No one would dare say such a thang. No, you'd bedd'r say "Arthur Miller passed away (passed on)last night". The same is true for burial. The person "will be laid to rest", and you conclude with "May he rest in peace"

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Sorry to see you go

Hunter Byrd has decided to give up his blogging on a regular basis. Hate to see you go buddy. He was a great conservative blogger during the Presidential Campaign. What was cool was that he featured an article I did on Bill Keller, the so-called prophet of God who predicted that JK would win the White House in 2004. It actually generated some traffic to my site and his. THANKS!! And Hunter Byrd was a great photographer and had taken some photos near my hometown. Every post that contained pix from home made me miss the people there and brought back some great memories.

Again, hate to see you go, it was a great ride!!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Mardi Gras

A Southern activity in which you get to sin as much as you want then show up at church the next day and get forgiven. My advice skip the Mardi Gras parties and just show up at church in the morning before work/school.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Dirty as Sam Green

Who is Sam Green? I don't rightfully know. I jest know he must be prety darn nasty because my mother always refered to an unkempt room as house as being dirty as Sam Green. In fact my room right now is as dirty as Sam Green. Or it looks like Sam Green lives here. Whatever, I feel I am in a pig sty.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Like a Goose Looking For Thunder

I have not heard this before until last Sunday.

I am like a goose looking for thunder means running around like a chicken with its head cut off which means simply going about frantically without a direction, or going crazy. Something like that.

A Tribute to Ms. Scarlett

If you don't get around to reading the comments, you have missed Ms. Scarlett's lessons on talking Southern. She's been real nice to help us out here, so I thought I would post her entries on the main page. These are the latest. Practice and you too can talk Southern 'fore it's over with.

1. Yip Dog! (just used that one today!) Means - Yah! Good stuff!

2. Watching a movie last night based in Texas in the 50s - a guy tells another guy to "Chunk the handle back". As in pull the handle. I haven't heard that one in ages! Goes right along with "Mash the door shut."

It's been awhile since I've heard "mash the door shut", but I can attest to its use. Maybe my grandparents used it. I don't know.
3.Fun site - I enjoy reading it and seeing how many words I use. So far I excel at ya'll, right quick, and fixin.

Throw it on 'er

This is probably a "guy" phrase. I found myself using it the other night in reagrds to driving.

throw it on 'er v: to accelerate as quickly as possible. You'd better throw it on 'er so you won't git ran over. It could be a command as when the po'lis is behind ya. Throw it on 'er, Bubba, we got company. I've also heard it in commentating on someone who is showing off in there car by spinning the tires. "Well, throw it on 'er, Jack" (screaching wheels in the background). (Jack and Bubba are not necessarily real names.)

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

A Swig of Coke

The other night I was at one of them thar places where you git cha own drank from the machine. I shore do like them places cuz you can get how every many dranks you want, if you eat thar at the place. Anyway, I had downed one Coke and was might thirsty fer anuther, So I got up and got me another swig of Coke.

Swig adj: a certain amount of a drink, usually as small as a sip or as a big as another glass full. (BTW a glass of something does not always mean a container made of glass). I've only heard this word used with Coke, milk, water, and maybe I've heard it with whiskey, but not beer or wine.

Have fun and get chu another swig of sump'un.